AUTOR: Javier Lecha Navarro


LED it be 

One of the biggest issues cities have to deal with at present is Public lighting. The regulations  concerning the quantity and quality of light produced for public spaces, not only allows for  social activities to take place, but also contributes to generating waste in the form of used and  discarded light bulbs. According to a document published on the official website of the 1 city’s government, Barcelona has about 146.000 points of light, of which only about 20% are  led . In the present day, led lights are the most efficient type of light bulb, lasting 50000 hours 2  (5,7 years). Now, even if we considered that the remaining 80% were the next more efficient  type of bulbs (low energy light bulbs), they would only last about 10000 hours (1,14 years),  which means that Barcelona produces  ( 46000total light points 0%not led lights 16800not led lights , 4years of life) 1 * 8 = 1 * 1 1 = Barcelona generates 133.152 used light bulbs, which are not-led-lights, every 1,14 years. 

In order to reduce this alarming number, we suggest the government wait for the none-led  light bulbs to stop working of their own accord, before they start replacing them with more energy efficient led lights. 

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