Those companies that don’t throw away their waste to the correct container will be fined

Leo Costas, Environment, Technology and Youth councillor of Mos has come to the Colegio Lar to answer questions for students of 4th of secondary.

The Colegio Lar is carrying out some projects regarding the environment and in one of them, “Young Reporters for the Environment”, the students have decided to interview the councillor for environment of Mos.

With the councillor, Leo Costas, whose functions include the coordination of firefighters, civil protection, car accidents and the rescue of abandoned animals, we have discussed issues such as wastewater treatment. At this time, two treatment plants, which are about to close, are working. Because of that, Mos' council use the treatment plant of Guillarei, which purifies 85% of the parishes' water. Sewage water, from industrial parks, is connected to sanitation, which also goes to the same treatment plant.

Regarding the question of whether the recycled waste is going to the same place, the councillor confirms that even the inhabitants of Mos are recycling well, although the company in charge of the recollection of the waste didn't do their job with enough responsibility, because "they had few operators over the holidays", but he said that in the future it is expected to recollect 7 million kg of waste and 1 million kg of glass, cardboard and paper.

"Clean spots, special places for recycling different types of waste, are used more by people, but they should open longer hours and with more workers" is what the councillor has said about the only clean spot in Mos. Due to the scarce information that the citizens have about what should go to clean spots, a campaign will be organized in 2020 with this information.

Besides, we know that the councillor is involved in the mayors' environmental pact for the environment. "With this, you commit from here to 2030 to reduce 40% of greenhouse gases". In this plan, the pact demands the mayors to reduce almost 10% of the emission of greenhouse gases every year.

Finally, we talked about topics, for example, the "Environmental Unit", which is in progress and will be formed by a firefighter, a policeman, the councillor and volunteers. These people will detect abandoned animals, control the colonies of feral cats, control waste in rivers and more.

AUTORES: Silvia, Desiree, Sophia, Zihan